For Instance,

You have 10 data and set 30 days' condition so it will display the notification as 'the last 30 days' which doesn't give visitor sign of an urgency, so we show it as in the last 24 hours which creates a sense of urgency in visitors.

For Example:-

If you apply one day condition & you got 2 conversions in the last 24 hours, 1st conversion you got 1 hour ago, 2nd conversion got 30 min ago. In this case, Normally It should display like "2 Visitors signed up in the last 1 day". Means It is not creating that much urgency so instead of showing 1 day, We display it like "2 Visitors signed up in the last 1 hour" & this will create more urgency & FOMO.

If it is not working feel free to please connect with us on [email protected] or chat with the support team. We will help you to make it live.