Make sure you have active "Send notification events data to google analytic"

  • Go to Setting & Click website
  • Turn On "Send notification events data to google analytics" option.
  1. First, create a goal in wisernotify. Refer this video to see how you can set it up
  2. Now, create a goal in Google Analytics. Follow these steps to create it.

You can visit this support doc to check how you can set custom goals:

  1. Set category name: 'WiserNotify'
  2. Action name: 'Goal Completed'
  3. Label name: Enter the Goal name which you created in WiserNotify.

Make sure that you write the exact names mentioned above. Or else you won't be able to track them.

Save the goal

Once you complete this, verify it and save it.

Now, you can track Goals under Google Analytics,.