Whenever any visitor engages with "A" or "B" notification & then visiting the goal page URL, It will consider as a goal achieved. Here, we can't say which notification/widgets help to achieve your goal because visitors might engage with both notifications.

In the very first release, We applied a goal set up at the notification level. It was not helpful for those who run multiple notifications if the visitor has seen two notification & visiting the goal URL. In that case, the Goal counted into both notifications. It is more confusing.

So We got feedback from the customer; they informed us to build notification level reports like which shows engagement rates, Clicks, hovered impression. Based on this data, It gives proper ideas about notification performance. As a result, We have built notification summaries & detailed notification insight.

Click here to see the Summaries on the dashboard,

For details, click on the performance icon & it will show full insights. It also includes how many form submission happens after seeing the notification & many other details.

After that, You can see how leads/visitors are getting engaged with notification on different pages, click here to see.
Here, You see the entire visitors' journey. It shows everything like which notification displayed, click, hovered on every page.