You can select the Review feed widget for your Website. By adding this widget, your visitors can view the reviews about you on the URL you will state. You can enable the same by following the below-mentioned procedure:

1. Go to Widget>Feed>Review feed

2. Enter your Website URL where the notification will be displayed.

3. Click on create & customize to confirm.

  • You can change review button text (text to be displayed in your notification) from this section:

Filter the reviews using the data and set behavior rules like when to display this widget.

Configure when to trigger this notification display based on visitor behaviors.

Click here to know more about the behavior rules shown below.

You can also set the display rules like who will see your notifications and viewers of which pages will see the notifications from the Display tab.

For the display rule setup click here.

The Data-source section allows you to add reviews integration. After adding integration, you need to enable them.

4. After completing all the customization, click on Finish, to complete the setup.

5. When you click on "Yes, Make it ON," it will start displaying the notifications based on the conditions you placed.

If it is not working you are most welcome to reach us at [email protected] or do chat with the support team. We will help you to make it live.