Go to notification list > edit notification > Data-source.

1. Capture from all pages.

  • With this option, WiserNotify pixel will start capturing the data from all page where it is installed.

2. You can easily control when data will be captured or not –

  • Under the Data Source tab, select “Capture when condition match
  • Under the “Select Condition types” you will find a drop-down on the left side.
  • You will find six conditions under there.

1.Contains e.g. If you add contact keyword, data will be captured for URL which contains contact keyword.

2.Equals: e.g. If you add https://wisernotify.com/contact then data will be captured when the exact URL matches.

3. Regex: Data will be captured from URL which matches the same pattern.

  1. Does not  contain: e.g.  If you add feedback  keyword  data will not be captured when the URL is containing the feedback keyword.
  2. Does not equal: e.g. If you add https://wisernotify.com/feedback data will not be captured when exact URL matches.
  3. Does not Regex: Data will be not be captured from URL which matches the same pattern.

After selecting the right option for choosing your preference, click on “Add”.

Repeat the process, if you want to add more conditions.