Step 1

- Click on Connect button.

Step 2

1. Download review template (CSV file).

2. Fill the data in the Downloaded CSV file.

NOTE: Date format must be MM-DD-YYYY

3. Upload the updated CSV file.

4. Enter your connection name.

Once the integration is done

You can start showing these reviews in the Recent 'review notification".

NOTE: If your CSV content in other languages (like French) then follow this steps.

- Right-click on your CSV file and open it with a normal notepad.

- Now SAVE AS the file and select the All Files option from Save as type.

- Select UTF-8 from the Encoding drop-down.

- Now save the file and use this file to import your review to WiserNotify.

For more queries reach us at or on our live chat support team. We will help you through integration process.