Step 1

Login with Mailchimp.

- Click on the profile logo then select the Account option.

Step 2

- Click on the Extras tab and select the API keys option.

Step 3

- Click and copy the API key inside Your API keys section.

Step 4

- Navigate to Wiser Notify > Mailchimp integration.

- Click on the Connect button inside the Mailchimp box.

Step 5

- Paste API Key.

- Enter Remark.

- Click the Create button.

Step 6

Once API key is added in account details

- Click on the "Add list" option.

- Select "Subscriber list."


Once you select list, We will fetch last 30 data from it & add webhook URL to your Mailchimp account & subscribes to that specific list, so whenever new data are added into that list, Mailchimp will send it on Webhook URL automatically.

For more queries, reach us at [email protected] or contact our live chat support team if it is not working. We will help you through the integration process.