Show off recent sales from your NFT collection

OpenSea is the leading platform for NFT discovery and secondary sales. It enables users to discover and trade NFTs. You can integrate WiserNotify with OpenSea seamlessly within seconds and display your NFT sales into Social Proof Notification.

Step 1 - Find your Collection Slug

Visit your project's collection on OpenSea and note the "slug" at the end of the collection's URL.

In this example, the slug is "boredapeyachtclub". Copy this to your clipboard.

Step 2 - Connect to WiserNotify

While logged in to WiserNotify, visit the Integrations tab > click OpenSea. Click 'connect’.

Inside the "Slug" text box, provide the data we found above and click ‘create’.

Note: do not include the full URL, just the short string of characters after it.

Step 3 - That’s it!

After integrating, WiserNotify will immediately import the last 20 sales data and new sales data will also start getting imported automatically and shown to visitors on your website in real-time.

You can edit the notification template text as per your choice.