If a notice regarding Wisernotify appears on your website, it indicates that you subscribed to our free plan, which was discontinued two months ago. We have communicated this change through multiple emails, advising two main actions to resolve this issue. Below are the detailed steps you can follow:


Option 1: Remove the Wisernotify Pixel Code

To remove the notice, you need to delete the Wisernotify pixel code from your website. Depending on how the pixel was installed, here are the methods you can use:

If Using a Plugin/App:

  • Uninstall the Wisernotify plugin or app from within your website's control panel or application manager.

If Installed Manually:

  • Open your website’s HTML files.
  • Search for the Wisernotify pixel code in the <head> or <body> tags.
  • Delete the pixel code.

Removing the pixel code ensures that the notice will no longer be displayed.

Option 2: Upgrade to a Basic Plan( $48/Yearly)

Continuing with Wisernotify features requires upgrading to our Basic Plan:

  1. Log in to your account via Wisernotify Login.
  2. Navigate to the plan page and select the Basic Plan($48/Yearly).
  3. Complete the upgrade process as directed.

Upon upgrading, the notice will be removed and you will regain full functionality.

If you can't find your email address and are interested in upgrading, please contact our live chat support at Wisernotify.com and provide the URL of the page where you're seeing the notice.

Need Assistance?

Should you require further assistance or have any questions regarding these processes:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Live Chat: Engage with our live chat support team on our website for immediate help.

Note: if you've canceled the paid plan but didn't remove the wisernotify pixel code, then kindly remove the wisernotify pixel code, before displaying the notice, we've informed you multiple times on your registered email.