Go to the Settings page and Click on the setting icon.

You can send all the data of Wiser Notify to your Google tag manager and view the reports there. To do that, make sure that you have completed the google tag manager integration first. The data that we will send will be in the following format:.

  • dataLayer.push({ event: 'wisernotify_datalayer', wiser_payload: { action: event, notification: notification_name, variation: 'A' } });

Here, “notification_name” is the name of the notification which you have set and whose data you want to transfer to Google Tag Manager.

Once the above step is complete, in the Settings tab, find “Send notification events data to google tag manager” and toggle that ON.


Go to google tag manager

Create a trigger, set its type to "Custom Event", & add "wisernotify_datalayer" event name

& then use this trigger to fire on all pages or specific pages.

Note:It works only on those pages where you're loading the wisernotify pixel code before this trigger fires.