Step 1

1. Click on My Pixel button.

2. Click and copy the Pixel code from Install Your Pixel section.

Step 2

Login with Kartra,

1. Go to My Pages.

2. Click on edit.

3. Click on edit.

4. Click on Settings > Tracking Code.

5. Add WiserNotify Pixel code into Embed Tracking code into the  and

Remove  </em></strong></em></strong> </span><span data-identifyelement="552" style="font-size: 14px;"> from the starting of the pixel code </span><span data-identifyelement="552" style="font-size: 14px;">and  <em></em></span><span data-identifyelement="552" style="font-size: 14px; background-color: rgb(251, 160, 38);"><em><strong>  from the ending of pixel code

6. Click on the Apply button.

7. Click on Publish live.

Now, visit your site & reload or refresh it.

After that, return to WiserNotify panel & recheck the install pixel page & Wait for 5 seconds; it should show pixel detected popup. If not, then click on the verify my pixel button. It should display if installed correctly.

For more queries, reach us at [email protected] or our live chat support team if it is not working. We will help you through the process.