1. Obtain API Key: In your Klaviyo account, go to 'Account' and navigate to 'Settings' to find your API key.

       Submit API Key in WiserReview:

2.  Access Flows: Log into your Klaviyo account and navigate to the 'Flows' section from the dashboard.

Click on the 'Create Flow' button to start building a new automation.

3. Choose a Trigger: Select the 'Metric' option as the trigger for your flow and then select from the list of Wiserreview-supported events.

Now lets start with WiserNotify – review requests

Select WiserNotify - Review the Request from Your metrics and save it

Now you can set the filter if you want it at Klaviyo side

once your flow looks like this

Now go to the Action section and drag and drop the email block.

4. Design Your Email: Proceed to design your email, utilizing dynamic variables from the event data to personalize the content.

Set up subject lines & send details, & Select your email template

We start with a black email template

Drag and drop test to email template

After that, click on this button, you can customize the email template through the editor.

If you want to see what type of dynamic values you can use an email then just click on "preview & test."

Klaviyo will display test data associated with that event. Review this data to understand what information will be available for your emails.

Here, Use below dynamic value in the email:

Event VariablesMeaningWhere to Use with Email
{{ event.customer_name }}Full name of the customerText block
{{ event.customer_email }}Email address of the customerText block
{{ event.customer_number }}Phone number of the customerText block
{{ event.store_review_url }}URL to submit a store reviewButton block
{{ event.store_url }}URL of the storeButton block
{{ event.line_items.0.product_name }}Name of the first productText block
{{ event.line_items.0.product_price }}Price of the first productText block
{{ event.line_items.0.product_quantity }}Quantity of the first product purchasedText block
{{ event.line_items.0.product_image }}Image URL of the first productImage block
{{ event.line_items.0.review_url }}URL to submit a review for the first productButton block
{{ event.line_items.1.product_name }}Name of the second productText block
{{ event.line_items.1.product_price }}Price of the second productText block
{{ event.line_items.1.product_quantity }}Quantity of the second product purchasedText block
{{ event.line_items.1.product_image }}Image URL of the second productImage block
{{ event.line_items.1.review_url }}URL to submit a review for the second productButton block

Once your flow is set up with all necessary actions and emails are designed, review the sequence. Make sure it aligns with your marketing strategy and goals.

Activate Your Flow: Finally, set your flow to 'Live' to start automating your email or SMS outreach based on the Wiserreview events.