1. Click on integration tab located left side menu.
  2. In this tab you find Webhook Alert for Request Trigger click on edit button.
  1. Add remark and provide an endpoint URL for receiving data from WiserReview and click on create button.

WiserReview sends these types of events to the specified endpoint URL.

  1. on_order_fulfill
  2. on_followup
  3. one_time_campain
  4. incentive

Below is the sample JSON data that will be posted to the provided endpoint:

"event_type": "incentive|on_order_fulfill|on_followup|one_time_campaign",
"product_id": "",
"product_name": "",
"product_image": "",
"customer_email": "",
"customer_name": "",
"customer_number": "",
"order_id": "",
"product_review_url": "",
"brand_product_review_url": "",
"discount_code": "",
"discount_value": ""

Once your workflow is configured with all required actions, we will begin sending event data to the specified endpoint URL.