A collector is a form that opens up when a visitor clicks on the Notification or CTA label. It is built to serve only one purpose that is collecting data without redirecting to another page.

Go to notification list > edit notification > Click tab

  • Click on Collect

Here, you can customize the collector layout.

  1. See the preview of the collector.
  2. Click on the collector section for customizing the design.
  1. Set text for the collector.
  2. You can choose any one of the two. (either email input or number input)
  3. Can set your privacy policy URL.
  4. Write the book for the submit button.
  5. Design thank you message (This will show after form submission).
  6. Select close button color.

There are two ways to enable the collector in the Notification.

1) Open the collector form when a visitor clicks on the CTA label & link.

Select Open collector option.

2) Open collector after a visitor clicks on the Notification.

  • Go to notification list > edit notification > Click tab
  • Turn the option ON for Notification clickable.
  • Click on Notification clickable.
  • Select Open collector option

To see the collected data, click here.

Click on filter dropdown & select pixel option & you will see all the data & even you can export them into excel.

Coming soon

Receive this data on your email or add it to your third party email marketing tool.