We've listed generally asked questions.

How do I start?

Click Here https://app.wisernotify.com/signup

  • Signup with any of the mention options.
  • Select Plan as per your requirement.
  • Add pixel tags on your website.
  • Yes, Start creating a notification.

How do I choose the best plan for my website?

  • Our plan is restricted with the number of unique visitors count so based on your website visitor, you can choose the right plan. We are not charging for the notification impression.

What is the unique visitor?

  • the number of unduplicated (counted only once) visitors to your website over the course of a specified time period. In our case, It is for 24 hours.

Can I create a fake notification?

  • No! honesty is the best policy. We generate notification dynamically. There is no manual notification creation option available in the system. The notifications generation process is automated & fully dynamic. Mostly notification data will come from 3rd party integration data or website submission form event. We also, understand your site is new & doesn’t have visitors or signup history.

Do I need to hire a website designer or developer?

  • No, Do not need to hire a website designer/developer. If you have developed a custom website then you have to ask your web designer to install our pixel. Other website builders, like Shopify, WordPress, woo-commerce, big commerce & many other sites you need to just install our app. It will do that work. Even you can install our pixel script tag using Google tag manager.

How many websites I can use in my account?

-    As many as you want. There is no restriction on the website limit. All plans having a limit on unique visitors' quota. No need to purchase separately for different websites. From a single account, you can manage or run multiple notifications on multiple websites.

Can I remove your “Wiser” Branding & use our company/brand name?

  • Yes, We allow this option into all paid. You can set your brand name & also make it clickable.

How does WiserNotify secure my data?

-    We used advanced security to store your data on our server. We use Chargebee for payment processing. We never store your full card details on our server. Even when you delete or ask us to cancel your account. We delete all records from our server.

How does WiserNotify charge us?

  • We will charge you in US Dollars ($). We have a monthly & yearly plan. In the monthly plan, We will charge you every 30 days. It gets auto debited. We will inform you before deducting.

How many no. of notifications I can create in my account?

  • You can create as many as you want. There is no restriction on the paid plan.

Can we control notification on mobile devices?

-    Yes, In setting, You can configure the position of notification like top or bottom. Also, hide it if you want.

How do you offer support?

-     Yes, We don’t charge for support, We believe it's our duty to provide you not to charge it separately. Right now, Our support team available for 18 hours in a day & Sunday off.

Can I cancel my account & get a refund?

-    Yes, You can cancel it. On cancellation, We will stop charging from the next billing cycle. You can use our services until your current visitor quota available. For a refund, We have 14 days money back policy. If you ask us to refund your amount before 14 days, We will not ask a single reason & refund your amount.

Are you offering 3rd party data integrations on request?

  • Yes, Right now, we have 150+ integrations. We keep adding as per client request.

Can I customize the notification design as per my branding?

-    Yes, you can customize notification. In the notification wizard, you can see the color & text option where you can write your content & set your color combination.

What will you do if my sites having more visitors than my current plan quota?

-    Our system is so advanced that it will keep updating you by email whenever the visitor quota reached 70%  or 90% above. You will have a chance to upgrade your plan. Also, Don’t worry we will not upgrade the plan automatically. Once the quota reaches 100%, we will stop showing notifications.

Does it have any performance issue that occurs after adding the Wiser notify pixel script tag on my site?

-Our script loads in 94ms. Its the best one. The size of the script is up to 35kb. It's also the lowest in the industry.  Wiser Notify Pixel loads asynchronous way, so it will not affect your site speed or SEO things.

Are you supporting multiple languages into notifications?

Yes, Right now we are supporting all international languages. Also, Based on our client's request, we will keep adding new language support.

How much time will it take to set up or start at least one notification on my site?

  • Normally, After installing the script tag on your site, it will take 1 minute to add one notification.