WiserNotify  Thinkific App does the following once you install it:

  1. Installs wisernotify pixel code on your thinkific store
  2. Fetch latest enrollments and orders ( max. 30 records)
  3. Subscribes the webhook for new enrollments & orders
  4. Creates a live visitors & sales notification for you automatically so you can start showing  social proof


What is Thinkific

Thinkific is a technology company with a platform that allows people and businesses to create online courses from their existing knowledge and then deliver or sell those courses to their audience from their website, and under their own brand. Thinkific offers the tools you need for every step of your online course journey, from initial course creation to well past your launch.

What is Wisernotify

WiserNotify is a tool that delivers customizable social proof notifications and widgets to build trust and increase sales.

It is providing a way so that  your store visitors know that they’re in good institute , and your courses are popular & many students are joining & learning from your courses.

It will start showing live visitor count, recent sales & enrollments notification.

You can also show real-time review and recommendation notifications straight from Facebook, Google, and Twitter, plus you can display your YouTube channel stats like subscribers, number of videos, likes, and comments too.

Plus handy widgets like announcements, social media counters, video pop-ups, and timers supply another gentle nudge too.

Wisernotify is trusted by 7,000 websites!

It offers over 60 notification templates to choose from, all ready to be customized. You can control the image, shape, background, animation, size, and so much more, for that perfect brand fit.

You can also implement the language translator to show your international customers some love, as well as add interactive calls-to-action to get clicks and convert buyers.

How to add wisernotify services on your site

1. Install the wisernotify app from the  thinkific app store

2. Accept the terms & Install the app

-- Click the link above

-- Accept the terms & Install the app


Now, visit your thinkific site & reload or refresh it.

We have created two notifications on behalf of you.

  1. Live Notification
  2. Purchase Notification

For more queries reach us at support@wisernotify.com or chat with the support team if it is not working. We will help you in this integration process.

How to Uninstall Wisernotify

Uninstalling Wisernotify is  simple.

  1. Login to your Thinkific account and go to Settings > Code and Analytics > Site Footer code and delete the wisernotify snippet.
  2. Click Save.
  3. Click on "Apps"
  4. Find wisernotify under the Installed apps section and click the trash can icon to the right of the app.